Javelin Technical Training Center Becomes Medtech Institute


Will Continue as Valued Community Partner Committed to Helping Students

Create Extraordinary New Futures in In-Demand Healthcare Industry

            TUCKER, Ga. – (Jan, 19, 2011) – Javelin Technical Training Center, a leading post-secondary healthcare education training provider in Tucker, has changed its name to Medtech Institute. 

Medtech today announced the formation of a new 10-school company that is positioned to become a leading post-secondary healthcare career education provider.  The schools include the three Javelin Technical Training Centers in greater Atlanta and three Sanz Schools in the Washington, D.C., area that will adopt the Medtech name, along with four current Medtech campuses in the Midwest.

The schools were brought together under single ownership less than a year ago.  Medtech President and CEO John L. Hopkins’ mission was to create a powerful, extraordinary education company that will provide a distinctive education experience.  To achieve that goal, Medtech is establishing new learning and service standards within the industry while preserving each school’s legacy and healthcare career training strengths.

“We’ve created a totally new company, from our corporate culture and philosophy to the way in which we operate, so we can deliver an extraordinary learning environment, along with personal and memorable services for our students, employers and clinical partners,” said Hopkins.  “We selected the Medtech name because it speaks directly to our campuses’ healthcare expertise and is indicative of technological investments we are making within the schools to provide the most advanced resources and services to facilitate an extraordinary experience for our students.” 

As part of Medtech, As part of Medtech’s growing network of colleges and institutes, the Tucker campus will continue to embrace the core values and strict educational standards upon which it was established.  The affiliation also reinforces the school’s primary focus: training students for extraordinary careers in the in-demand healthcare industry as its highest priority. 

“We prepare students for health-related careers by providing personalized hands-on training in labs equipped with sophisticated medical technology, so the name ‘Medtech’ literally explains what we do,” said campus Executive Director Elizabeth Cook.  “The transition to Medtech demonstrates our commitment to providing students in Tucker everything they need to live extraordinary lives and create extraordinary new futures for themselves and their families as in-demand healthcare professionals.”          

Medtech is nationally accredited with several campuses also offering accredited nursing training.

According to Cook, even though the name is new, the strong bond between her campus and both students and community continues unchanged.  And, as Medtech continues to expand, the resources, expertise and programs at the Tucker campus will grow as well.  The Tucker campus has been an integral part of the community for five years. 

“We are still Tucker’s campus, but now are bolstered by the creation of a strong, new team with a unified healthcare career training purpose and access to even greater resources so we can provide students with extraordinary personal experiences that enable them to create new futures for themselves and their families.  Our already excellent education and training resources just got stronger,” Cook added.

Medtech focuses primarily on preparing students for professions in the in-demand healthcare industry.  Students are encouraged to search out new opportunities, develop inquisitive minds, and gain the skills and professional confidence that allows them to reach their full potential.  In addition to stimulating classroom instruction, they learn by doing through personalized hands-on training guided by industry experts who provide the practical experience graduates need to excel in their chosen field of study. 

Medtech’s extraordinary student experience provides graduates with the tools for establishing professional goals and achieving success in existing and emerging healthcare professions.  Medtech students are able to select from enhanced course offerings backed by the resources of an educational network committed to quality education and dedicated to preparing students for extraordinary new futures in healthcare.

About the Tucker Campus

The Tucker campus, located at4053 La Vista Road-Suite 100 offers programs in Medical Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding and Office Information Professional, both the general and medical version. Three shifts of classes are available, morning, afternoon and evening, to accommodate student schedules.  For more information about the Tucker campus, please call Elizabeth Cook at 678-218-0600.

About Medtech

Medtech is a nationally accredited, leading post-secondary network of colleges and institutes with the goal of advancing healthcare career training.  Medtech campuses prepare students for extraordinary new lives by helping them explore opportunities, strive for excellence and gain the skills and confidence to achieve their full potential in the growing healthcare field.  Working hand-in-hand with students to provide an exceptional learning environment that incorporates comprehensive classroom instruction and personalized hands-on, practical experience, Medtech helps them create an extraordinary new future for themselves. 

Medtech prepares students for in-demand healthcare careers at 10 campuses in the District of Columbia, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland and Virginia.  Program offerings vary by campus; certain Medtech campuses offer accredited nursing training. Visit www.Medtech.edu to learn more about Medtech education opportunities.

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