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Jill Jill Ross, Medtech LPN graduateRoss is a successful Nurse Manager at MedPeds LLC. Her passion for helping others inspired a vision for success. In 1999, she wanted to go into the health care field and had no idea where to start. She enrolled into a medical assistant school located in Washington D.C.  It was not easy to get her first medical assistant job, but she did not give up and continued interviewing. One day a gastroenterology practice located in Silver Spring, MD gave her a chance.
She was eager to start her new life as a medical assistant after all of her training at Medtech, formally Sanz School. The education the school provided was phenomenal. The teachers were so knowledgeable. This school took pride in educating their students; the staff’s knowledge of the curriculum was phenomenal. She went on to work in OB/GYN, internal medicine, dermatology and cardiology.
 In 2002, she went in oncology at Kaiser, where she began working with the most amazing nurses she had ever met. These nurses made her believe it was possible for her to go back to school and become a nurse. She started in nursing school in 2003 and graduated 2005 as a licensed practical nurse. Sanz taught her the clinical aspects of being a nurse. She was fully prepared to be a hands-on nurse. She went on to be a lead nurse at a cardiology practice for two years; then became the first Lead LPN to run a case management call center in Maryland.
Jill was featured in an article in the Washington post in 2012 “New Maryland health program promotes care for the whole patient". She still uses her skills as a nurse to reach out to patients to help improve their health outcomes.  Even with all the challenges in her life, she is living her dream! She now enjoys her successful career, a loving husband, and 3 beautiful children. She is now able to teach others what she has been taught, and in return has inspired six medical assistants to go back to school and now they are nurses too. She has always stayed firm to her commitment of excellence in health care as a nurse.

Jill Ross, LPN
Nurse Manager
Medpeds LLC


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